Friday, August 14, 2009


I just first want to say to everyone that you all are making huge huge strides. I am so excited when someone gets their first pull up, muscle up, good clean, snatch, push up, or whatever it is. It fires me up and I know it fires you up as well. You all have it in you to be great and do anything you want to do not just in the gym but out there as well. There is not one person I do not have faith in whenever we put a workout up. You guys are all well rounded people and crossfitters that words cant really explain it. You guys put in the hard work everyday and you get what you put in which equals SUCCESS!

I saw people this week getting their first no band kipping pull up and you know who you are and I love to see that, now you get off the crutches and never return! I love it when I can see things like that because it shows me how much work you all have been putting in. I also saw people pulling huge weight for the deadlifts. Not to put the guys down at all but the ladies you all were pulling huge numbers after that run. Congrats to everyone who put up PR's. And everyone else who I didn't witness I have heard good things.

Lastly I want to say thanks to my team. ZachR, Addi, Reba, Greg Mo, you all have motivated me to another level when it comes to the workouts. There is no way I could do what I have done without you guys picking me up. Today was a great example of that. I was nervous today, because I know my strengths and weaknesses and high rep anything is my weakness.
The Workout
75 squat cleans 155/100
150 toe to bar
150 box jumps 24/20
75 thursters 132/98
35 muscle ups
150 burpees
150 DU's
300ft walking lunges w/33# weight

Thanks greg for the help on thrusters, burpees, and whatever else you made up for, you are a amazing athlete and make people work harder. Reba and Addi my god you ladies are an amazing duo from the games to today still cant say enough. I love you guys and it just makes me want to get after again in 2010. Lets strive for top 1 spot next year:). Anytime you all want to team it up again i am ready. Peace im outta here.

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John W said...

Great post and awesome time! I expect the best next year. My number is 218-929-7212. If your digits haven;t changed then I've still got them. I probably won;t be out until Saturday night or Sunday depending on how the week goes, but that should work out fine, since I've got a clear schedule until Tuesday. Hopefully we can make it work.