Friday, August 14, 2009


I just first want to say to everyone that you all are making huge huge strides. I am so excited when someone gets their first pull up, muscle up, good clean, snatch, push up, or whatever it is. It fires me up and I know it fires you up as well. You all have it in you to be great and do anything you want to do not just in the gym but out there as well. There is not one person I do not have faith in whenever we put a workout up. You guys are all well rounded people and crossfitters that words cant really explain it. You guys put in the hard work everyday and you get what you put in which equals SUCCESS!

I saw people this week getting their first no band kipping pull up and you know who you are and I love to see that, now you get off the crutches and never return! I love it when I can see things like that because it shows me how much work you all have been putting in. I also saw people pulling huge weight for the deadlifts. Not to put the guys down at all but the ladies you all were pulling huge numbers after that run. Congrats to everyone who put up PR's. And everyone else who I didn't witness I have heard good things.

Lastly I want to say thanks to my team. ZachR, Addi, Reba, Greg Mo, you all have motivated me to another level when it comes to the workouts. There is no way I could do what I have done without you guys picking me up. Today was a great example of that. I was nervous today, because I know my strengths and weaknesses and high rep anything is my weakness.
The Workout
75 squat cleans 155/100
150 toe to bar
150 box jumps 24/20
75 thursters 132/98
35 muscle ups
150 burpees
150 DU's
300ft walking lunges w/33# weight

Thanks greg for the help on thrusters, burpees, and whatever else you made up for, you are a amazing athlete and make people work harder. Reba and Addi my god you ladies are an amazing duo from the games to today still cant say enough. I love you guys and it just makes me want to get after again in 2010. Lets strive for top 1 spot next year:). Anytime you all want to team it up again i am ready. Peace im outta here.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

getting back on track

Thursday 6th
15 situps
15 lunges
150m run
AMRAP 15 min
10 rounds plus 15 situps and 6 lunges

Friday 7th
Deadlift 1.5BW (265)
Bench Press BW (177)
Clean .75BW (132)

Didn't push this one too hard but I think if I EVER do this again do not be fasting before it. It was tough!

Weekend- weddings and injury good rest time.

Tuesday 11th
Over head squat- tired 15 BW
174# 9reps
155# 5 reps
110# 10 reps

Probably not a good one to try after that weekend, yikes.

Than couple hours later ZachJ and I did the 29 complex. I subsituted wall balls for lunges due to the foot.

Ball Slams 29
Wall Balls 20
Situps 29
Wall Balls 20
Situps 29
Wall Balls 20
Ball Slams 29

First things ZJ and I said was "why did we do that again?"

Thats it, we are doing the final team wod on friday morning so I think I am going to also put in some heavy work and rowing today to try to mimic how i would feel with a rest day before the final WOD like the games. Well it should be interesting.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Just like Ricky said on the blog, I wanted to extend an invitation to people at CrossFit Omaha or outside of CrossFit Omaha to improve their fitness. I just want to let people know they have the option to work with me one-on-one to improve on their weaknesses or fine tune their strengths. I have been personal training up at CrossFit Omaha for awhile now and have been personal training overall for about two years.

I know some people want to work on strength more so they can do the heavier weights when it comes to those workouts, or I know everyone wants to improve on some specific movement. With what I can bring to you is a specific and thorough direction in how to get there.

My main goal in life is to get people better at it, and if I can help with the health and fitness side of your life I want to do whatever I can to get you there. There is nothing we can't go over in these sessions, so if you or someone you know would like my assistance feel free to email or call.

If you and someone from the gym or outside the gym want to work on something together we can also figure out a group rate if you want that option.

Phone- 402-699-1463

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nope thats not it

Wednesday 5th
100 pull ups for time.

Wore the 20# vest and did Chest to Bar.

10 min cut-off

85 reps

My hands hurt
Saturday 1st

Team WOD
Max Reps
OH Squats 88#'s 27 reps

Team WOD
Amanda Brei and Jon Day 2x2 sand V-Ball tourney
0-6 in pool play
tourney time 2nd place overall .


Squat Clean Thrusters
10-10-10 (110-132-154)
Power Clean & Jerk
10 (169)

7 rounds
10 Box Jumps
10 Pushups

Wore 20# vest for this one

Thats it!

Friday, July 31, 2009


I have been writing my workouts down in a book lately, so I have neglected to post them up on here. I am finally starting to feel better about my workouts since california and getting back to my diet. today was the first in awhile that I had my ol confidence about a workout. I think i might start doing two a days once and awhile, i did the other day and it was tough but i liked it.

Deadlift 3x3
70% - 280
80% - 320
90% - 360
Hip extension 5x12
Toes to bar 5x15

Team workout
2 rope climbs
5 tire flips
7 burpees
9 30" box jumps
11 Med ball cleans
13 jumping ball slams
15 K2E's
200m run
2 Rounds

Those two were fun that day, i raced ricky for the last 200m run and I was pretty sure i was going to throw up afterwards, it took me at least an hour to recover from that one.

Thursday 30th
Chest to Bar "EVA"
800m run
30 KB Swings 2 pood
30 CTB Pull ups
5 Rounds 40 min cut off

3 rounds completed with 800m run and 18 KB Swings.

Friday 31st
5 rounds
6 power snatch 132#
9 tire flips

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Best Times of My Life

Well I didn't know it could get any better than Denver. I sure was wrong. The CrossFit Games was the best experience and one I will never forget. i mean I hope it is not but if that was my last time there I gave it my all and enjoyed the 3rd CrossFit Games. My goal is to keep getting back there with the affiliate team and hopefully someday I can make it as an Individual. My vision of how good you have to be and be so well rounded has def changed. I know now you cannot just hope your strengths will come up in the workouts you have to be so well rounded in each aspect of fitness. I love CrossFit and this was the best decision I have made in my life to join in on this community.

I have never engulfed myself in anything like this, and it has made me a better man in all aspects of life. I have started to train for next year and I like what I have been seeing. My confidence in my lifts is where I want them to be but my strength needs to improve to back up my confidence. There are certain aspects of my fitness i also need to work on and I will choose workouts periodically that hit those challenges.

I also love the direction that the gym is taking as well. The members seem to be bonding on a whole other level and involving the new members faster and making people comfortable. I love that. I hope that continues and I know it will. I am now keeping a detailed journal of my eating and workouts so hopefully it will help me progress in better eating habits and knowing what each workout was like for future reference. Well im getting sleepy so im out.